Hardware Based Protection

HLUSB Version 1.20
Single User
Multi User
HLSEC Version 6.00
Single User
Multi User

HyperLock provides three types of dongles as hardware based software protection systems. HLUSB and HLSEC are single-user dongles where as HLNET is a multi-user dongle. The following information includes details of the specifications of those three devices and the protection system.

Hardware Features
  • Plugged into USB / parallel port.
  • Microprocessor based design.
  • 2-way communication support.
  • Has 112 / 224 bytes R/W memory.
  • Can be re-written 1.000.000 times in R/W memory
  • Retains data in R/W memory for over 40 years
  • No need for any special equipment in programming
  • Responds very quickly. Check and write processes take only a few milliseconds
  • Small in size
Software Features
  • Variable response communication.
  • Alterable access security code.
  • Very sophisticated algorithm for encryption.
  • Protects all .EXE and .COM files as well as overlay forms.
  • Has linkable Protection Modules for all high level languages.
  • Advanced anti-debugging.
  • Can be plugged into any parallel port.
  • Possibility to use any language for messages.
  • Both external and internal file protection possibilty.
  • Numerous programs on the same computer are protected by one key only.
  • Possibility to produce demo versions of limited use
  • Auto - virus detection facility.
  • Very easy to use and apply.
Supported Computers
All IBM and compatible desktop, laptop and notebook computers.

Supported Operating Systems
DOS, Windows 3.x / 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / NT4 / XP

Lan Support
  • TCP/IP and IPX based LANs.
  • Single key for a complete network.
  • Can be plugged into any terminal or file server.
  • Numerous programs on the same network are protected by one key only.
Affordable Prices
  • High quality with affordable prices.
  • All upgrades are provided free of charge.

Software Based Protection

HLKEY Version 3.20

Single User

In a Key-Disk based copy protection, program is made dependent on a diskette called the Key-Disk. Therefore, in this method a diskette is the unduplicatable and unique object mentioned before. This technique is also called the "fingerprint" method. Producing a Key-Disk means to put a fingerprint on it, in other words to make it unique. Protected programs check the diskette for its fingerprint.
HLKEY uses a number corresponding to this fingerprint. The number which is given when the program is being protected, must be the same as that given when the Key-Disk is being produced. HLKEY prepares a Key-Disk, performing a special operation on any standard diskette while requiring no additional hardware.
HLKEY is a powerful software protection system for IBM PC's and compatibles providing the following valuable functions.

  • Creates high security Key-Diskettes.
  • Protects softwares in several modes against unauthorized duplications.
  • Creates DEMO versions of your software.
  • Different security levels are available.
  • Additional Auto-Virus detection function is available.