HyperLock Security Key

HyperLock has a large number of function capabilities including memory and random functions. Most of these functions can not be run without a 12 byte access password. The programmer can change 8 bytes of this code which is called the 'Device Identification Code', if the previous code is known. In case the 'Device Identification Code' is forgotten, the device becomes unreachable. The security code allows the control of HyperLock's memory and random functions using a code known only by the software developer... more

HyperLock Key-Disk for Windows 9X

In HyperLock Key-Disk based copy protection, program is made dependent on a diskette called the Key-Disk. Therefore, in this method a diskette is the unduplicatable and unique object mentioned before. This technique is also called the "fingerprint" method. Producing a Key-Disk means to put a fingerprint on it, in other words to make it unique. Protected programs check the diskette for its fingerprint method. Producing a Key-Disk means... more